Our Passion

Local. Seasonal. Sustainable. Organic. More than just words, these are our values. Why Local? We believe in participating in a thriving local marketplace. In our globalized world, it’s easy to import goods from nameless, faceless entities. However we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our farmers, our purveyors, and most importantly, our customers. Why Seasonal? Every ingredient has its peak and we aim to capture that fleeting moment of flavor. Why Sustainable? Whether it’s sourcing eco-friendly ingredients, using recycled packaging products, or composting, if we don’t do our small part to steward our planet, who will? Why Organic? For some, that’s just a marketing buzzword, but for us, organic is about integrity. We don’t want to pollute our air, rivers or oceans. We don’t want to negatively impact local animal populations. And most importantly, we don’t want to poison our bodies or our children’s bodies with chemicals and pesticides. But idealism aside, we want to make the best tasting foods we’ve ever had...and share them with you.

Fresh out-of-the-oven hand pies!